Friday, May 17, 2013

rose-tinted sunglasses

I woke up this morning and it was sunny. I didn't have any immediate deadlines, and things felt a tiny bit alright in the world again. Putting aside all worries and end-of-term anxieties for the moment, perhaps, we can all take a breather and think of summer for a moment at least. I am not particularly soppy about summer. Usually my summers are marred by endless bouts of self-doubt and worry, but that's a whole other story. On a purely superficial level, it's kind of nice just to be able to slip out doors sans tights with a light jacket as opposed to layers of scarves and rolls of jumpers and coat. Of course, even that is idyllic here in Ireland, but right now, I want to be a tiny bit positive for even the shortest period. 
 Staz Lindes shot by Ryan Kenny at Coachella, see the rest here

Oyster magazine's shoots and editorials are so damn summary that it's hard not feel precisely that...summery. You know, California-summery: frolicking around the beach wearing bright patterns and crazy sunglasses with impossibly good-looking, sun-kissed friends. One can dream. This Staz Lindes at Coachella shoot by Ryan Kenny caught my eye for similar reasons. Pinafore, white jeans, smatterings of floral, brogues, baseball cap, denim jacket, funky sunglasses and crop tops - it's pretty much the perfect 1990s meets 2010s wardrobe. And all the better for that sunny, sunny setting. 

'Feeling summery' is one of those elusive things, impossible to pin-down. Is it the smell of sun cream? Or eating an ice-cream with the hot sun beating against your skin? Is it those aforementioned bare legs and sundresses? Sand in your shoes, even? Munching salads al fresco? Bright nights? Wandering around cobbled streets somewhere in Europe? Music festivals and consuming alcohol at horrifically early hours? Sandals and painted toenails? Picnics and aimless drives with friends? 

Summer is a sweet, intangible blend of all those things. It is the most nostalgic of seasons. Like Christmas, summer is eternally tinged with childhood, when summers felt so long and warm and happy. With every summer we long for, we are yearning for something of childhood too. Yearning for that aimlessness, those guilt-free languid days, and that perennial happiness. 

[Ideally I would share some of my own childhood photographs of glorious family holidays, but alas, some snaps from last year's summer holiday will have to do...]

Rustic terracotta facade. 
As night moves into dawn at a music festival.


Michele said...

That first picture looks like Taylor Swift x

Kat said...

I does, doesn't it. However, and most importantly, it's not.

Anonymous said...

Chouette le pull 1986 !
Bonne journée
Suzanne d Orléans

Cristina said...

I love those photos, so vintage retro! we like the same thing (: so if you have time take a look at my blog

we can follow each other!

Alina Love said...

i love those all pictures. All are so beautiful and perfectly captured.

Best Regards