Monday, April 15, 2013

sunshine and showers

While I am studying I tend to make little lists of things on course readings/photocopies/notebooks etc: food shopping lists, clothes that my wardrobe (apparently) requires, and things that I should blog. Between the stacks of books, and the piles and piles of paper, and numerous A4 pads, however, these little lists get misplaced: lost somewhere, only to be found several weeks/months later by which time they have slipped into irrelevancy. 

While these images were scribbled on some such list, and have only surfaced now, I hope they have not become irrelevant yet.  It may be a particularly rainy/dreary April day here in Cork, but hopefully these might assist in cheering one up just a little bit...

As long-time readers/long-suffering friends/family may know, there are few things style-wise that I appreciate more than people of a certain age dressing sharply...and...wacky sunglasses. Imagine my delight then, stumbling across Karen Walker's latest sunglasses collection. Enormous, rainbow, cartoon shades modelled by the ridiculously fabulous (not a word I use in general, mind you...) ladies of Advanced Style. Needless to mention, there was a lot of delight. 

My own personal love/hate relationship with the dictates of the fashion industry has a good deal to do with its infuriating ageism. Without this spinning off into a diatribe, let's just admire the vibrancy of these ladies and the glamour and zest for life that they exude.

And of course, hooray for cateye sunglasses. That's just a given really.


Meg Davies said...

I love this too much!

Anonymous said...

Love them all! :)

Julie said...

Made me smile, just what I needed today!