Tuesday, April 16, 2013

snap happy?

For the past several months, I have lived in a flat without internet connection. I won't lie and say it's due to a conscious effort to spend less time on the internet on my part, or some participation in the slow web movement. Rather, it's for money saving reasons and proximity to internet services provided by my university. However, this means two things: firstly, the internet is largely used for (or supposedly used for), shock horror, educational purposes. This means that when I arrive in college on any given day, I should be (note: should be) browsing JStor, making notes from 'educational websites' (cough not Wikipedia. But probably Wikipedia...) and emailing lecturers. Yet, this tends to morph into mindlessly checking facebook, and/or updating my cover photo (any one else think that the cover photo is perhaps FB's greatest feature...No? Just me then...), and looking at random pinterests/tumblrs for you know, research purposes. And secondly, my lack of internet access has by all means resulted in limited blogging in recent months. Living without the internet, or rather a less readily available internet connection, means less time for coming up with things to post about. There is just less time for finding new blogs, writing things based on posts from other blogs or creating a plump image bank in which to delve into for post-generating purposes. In general, these past few months have seen me fall out of the fashion blog loop, only getting a chance to read blogs in sporadic bursts.

This afternoon (when I should have been using the internet for those aforementioned 'educational' purposes) I had a nice peruse over at the always excellent, and actually quite educational, The Licentiate, and came across this gem, Take My Picture, a short documentary film on the nature of street style photography featuring Tim Blanks, Tommy Ton, and Susie Lau et al.

Take My Picture takes a much needed, critical look at the street style explosion, examining fashion-week hysteria and the quite frankly bizarre phenomenon of dressing just to be photographed. A must see, especially for let us say, the more cynical fashion enthusiast...

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