Wednesday, April 24, 2013

hey, hey you wanna play?

Ever since Grimes became a household name (around this time last year or thereabouts?), I have absolutely fallen for her, her music, her style and pretty much everything she stands for (do check out her tumblr post published yesterday where she posits powerful feminist values on the way in which she is regularly undermined due to her dual status as a woman, and a successful musician). Browsing through her tumblr then, I was alerted to this playful and rather wacky yet beautiful editorial from that captures something of Claire Boucher's unique and ethereal essence ('ethereal' is over-used in a Grimean context, I know...but there is no other word for her strange sparkle...). While the editorial may somewhat accentuate Boucher's childlike/nymphish quality - consider the stuffed toys, teacup and pensive adolescent staring-out-window mode - it does so in such a way that is by no means nauseating, sweet, sexualized or saccharine. Rather, I would argue that it's all just a bit plain weird, emphasizing her ungroomed but pretty androgyny and indeed, penchant for weirdness and random junk. And is it just me, but am I seeing a little bit of Ziggy Stardust going on here? Lighting bolt make-up, zingy orange hair, ice-blue eyeshadow and jumpsuits...

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