Wednesday, April 10, 2013

but i never wave bye-bye

(1) So I haven't blogged in a month - a lengthy absence for even a tardy blogger such as I. However, I've been busy: finishing up classes, catching up with friends, eating, crying and doing lots of complaining. Although those last three activities were predominantly essay-induced, saying that...I'd pretty much complain over a slice of cake/cup of tea/instant noodles/copious pints any time. Ya. But finishing up an MA is tough. The essays are so much longer, and so much more involved...and it's sort of painful...but hopefully it will be worthwhile...?
However, I digress. This photograph is by a German fashion photographer known as Yva. Never heard of her? Well she took photos for magazines such as Die Dame during the Weimar years, and Helmut Newton was one of her students. I've popped this photograph in here, because I just wrote a whole lot of words on women's legs in Weimar Germany... Oh dear. But hey, this is a pretty picture.
(2) Grimes being lovely with her pink-tinged hair and zig-zag, Ziggy Stardust shoes.
(3) I rarely condone grown women dressing like little girls. But heck, pinafores are just nice. (even if I did wear one in primary school...)
(4) I have feeling there might be a lot of Weimar-era stuff appearing on here, but who doesn't wish they could have Louise Brooks' hairdo just once in their lives? I like this screen shot though (from Pandora's Box). And it's even been theorised about (see Patrice Petro...if you're so inclined...) But it's cool, because it is about a woman just sitting back and enjoying a fashion magazine for her own pleasure and enjoyment.
(5) & (6) St. Vincent AKA Annie Clark has been newly elected as curly-haired icon. Why can't my curls look as nice as hers? Why? Dammit. 

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I always love the mood of your posts x