Saturday, March 9, 2013


Gillian Wearing, Self-portrait at seventeen years old, 2003, Chromogenic colour print. 
via MoMA

This; well this is great. Wearing assumes a guise as her seventeen year old self taken when she was in fact thirty in her family series. 

"This is the final image of me at 17 years old, based on a photo-booth image from the early 80s. I look very self-conscious (which I was) but also very aware of my image. I had taken the photo just to look at how I looked that day, a bit of boredom and a bit of vanity. I took one large colour image and four small black and white. Because in the 80s you could have a choice of four or one image, I can’t imagine what the single image was for, unless like me it was just to make a portrait of yourself. I am wearing the clothes I wore as an office junior, I was a new romantic but had to suppress that look for my day job. I was lucky to find the orange curtain, which is an authentic photo-booth curtain – I was told it was the last one the company had, and I don't think the company that ran these booths exists any more." - Gillian  Wearing, via the Guardian

On a more superficial level, I kind of just really really like her look in this image too - the tousled, flicked, and parted 80s hair, the crisp white shirt and pinafore, and the pale pink glisten of sullen lips. 

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