Friday, March 8, 2013

on fashion photography

Years of perusing fashion magazines has taught me that fashion photography can be (a) rather boring, or (b) so impossibly heart-racingly gorgeous that it leaves some sort of mark indelibly. Unfortunately - largely due too much airbrushing, too many personality-less models, too many plain white, or (shudder) beige backgrounds, too much 'sophisticated' clothing... all of which leave me cold - fashion photography generally (in mainstream publications anyway) falls into the former category.
But then there are those times, albeit rare, when you stumble across something completely by chance, or flick the next page of that fat monthly glossy, only to discover something that does make that mark. That makes you fall in love. And while I implore you to forgive my romanticism, certain photographs (yes, even fashion) possess the ability to do just that, and not, in a purely consumerist, 'I want that' sort of way. But in a way, that purposefully speaks through a language of beauty in order to create this vision of an otherworld that you cannot and will not forget.

Of course, I digress. I did in fact, stumble across something utterly by chance this evening that made that aforementioned mark. A set of images featuring Rodarte's designs through the past decade or so, shot by none other than art photographer Nan Goldin. While I don't really think I need to say too much about the photographs - they are exquisite -, it is the perfect pairing of Rodarte's devastating designs (devastating in their delicacy, beauty, and power) caught through Goldin's subculture-tuned, phenomenally edgy eye.
Somehow they just get each other. 


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LegsXI said...

I agree those pics are fabulous! Carrie Anne is a great model, so interesting :)

Sarah said...

Such beautiful images, the collaboration is perfect.