Tuesday, February 12, 2013

spheres of repetition

Simone Rocha, f/w 2013, images stylebubble

Untitled, 1966

2 in 1, 1965

 Untitled, 1966

There’s a quiet beauty to all those delicate cut-out curves, raised tactile flower buds and intricate crochet landscapes in Simone Rocha’s latest collection. Reading about serial forms and repetition for an upcoming seminar class, I am reminded of Eva Hesse’s mechanic yet corporeal circle drawings, and their sparse yet somehow subversive dialogue with the infinite.

Rocha’s organic and curvi-linear shapes somehow recall Hesse’s engagement with spheres and repetition in her 1966-7 drawings; those flowers become the radiating and repetitious circles of Hesse’s drawings - both highly-textured rounded renderings. While Hesse’s spheres illuminate the seriality of Rocha’s flower heads; arguably, Rocha’s boxy, persplex totes and plastic skirts call to mind the industrial materials so favoured by Hesse too. 

Eva Hesse with plastic materials.


Fashion Stylist_ka said...

the bag by Simone is amazing...

Penny and Polaroids said...

Love these! ..X