Friday, January 18, 2013

she's got everything she needs she's an artist

Charlotte Gainsbourg is probably the best thing in 2007's flawed Dylan study, I'm Not There. Gainsbourg plays Claire, a bohemian artist who falls for Heath Ledger's movie star Robbie Clark. The character of Claire is an amalgamation of Dylan's artist girlfriend Suze Rotolo (who was featured on the cover of The Free-Wheelin' Bob Dylan which is re-inacted in the film) and first wife, Sara Dylan (later Lownds).

Donning buttoned-up  a-line skirts, Beatnik polo-neck sweaters and well-fitting rust-brown jackets, Gainsbourg excudes Gallic good-taste in every scene. A whirlwind romance ensues with Clark, cast to the glorious cords of 'I want you': first meeting in a Greenwich Village diner, a skin-on-skin passionate tussle, and a drive along autumnal roads in a silver convertible. Indeed, most of her scenes are set in autumn with a suitably crisp and earth-toned wardrobe to match. In another scene, she motor-cycles along a golden country lane way with yellow and brown-red trees all around. Her paintings are vast and expressionistic; thick impasto painterly daubs of muddy brown and marsh-grey with bleeding veins of angry red. Her home is comfortable with pot-plants, sunshine-coloured walls, blinds, cork notice boards with thumb-tacked children's drawings, exotic lamps and tapestries,  wood floors and homely work surfaces. While all this sounds some sort of boho-idyllic, there is much sadness here; a flailing marriage, the frustration of domesticity, the routine of motherhood and the painful wait for a lover's return. 

Autumn breakfast with oat cereal, ripe apples, orange peel and crumbs.
Cleaning dishes.
Salmon dressing gown.
Ophelia-like in bathtub.
Art magazine.
Books, blouse and jeans, and paintings.
Diner date.
TV and hold-ups.

Reading by lamp-light.
"Chicks can never be poets".
Tears, blinds, ring and watch.
A-line skirt and living room.

All screen caps by I!


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