Tuesday, November 13, 2012

november evening

Coat - APC,Lambswool scarf -Kinloch Anderson, Corduroy skirt/Cashmere sweater - Margaret Howell, Lipstick in Hazard/Chelsea boots - Topshop, Canvas bag - The Riverwest Brothers @ Etsy, Camera Lucida, Roland Barthes

Dark November days call for thick coats with spacious pockets to plunge cold hands in, nice knits, and good books.
From September to November, I only ever really want to dress like a land-girl. Earthy shades, cosy fabrics, mixed textures, utilitarian boots and lipsticked mouth.

Currently reading Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes. This is theory as you've never read it before. Poetic and poignant, everyone should read this reflection on photography.

"If I like a photograph, if it disturbs me, I linger over it. I scrutinize it, as if I wanted to know more about the thing or person it represents. Lost in the depths of the Winter Garden, my mother's face is vague, faded. In a first impulse I exclaimed: "There she is! She's really there! At last there she is!"...I want to outline the loved face by thought, to make it into a unique field of intense observation; I want to enlarge this face, in order to see it better, to understand it better, to know its truth." (99) 


Sarah Kyle said...

Love that jacket!

Fashion Stylist_ka said...

love it, have the same thing going on every autumn :) and I am back to reading (every moment I can)

Anonymous said...

I wish for all of these items to be in my wardrobe right now x

Dj Josh said...

Perfect winter collection..! Loved the sweater and Canvas Bag..! :-) I too had similar kinda men's collection Shopped for winters..!