Friday, September 21, 2012

this must be the place


(all images via Teenage Bedroom)
I've always loved going to other people's houses. It's a little thrill that originates from when you were little and going to your best friend's house after school on a Friday was quite possibly the best thing to happen to you since sliced pan. Of course, this thrill subsides a little with old age, but I still think there is always something  a tiny bit special about being invited into someone's home. (I am inclined to admit however, that it may just be that I am inherently nosy person who just really likes things).

On this note, the tumblr Teenage Bedroom might just be my new favourite thing ever. This blog appeals not only to my nosiness and to my appreciation for other people's homes, but also, to that part of me that has longed for the perfect teenage-girl bedroom for possibly my entire life (even though, I am by all means no longer a teenager...). We've all seen the movies -  consider Pretty in Pink - and the TV Shows - eg. Clarissa Explains it All - and we've lusted after these heavily cluttered rooms so much, longing for our own little hideaways to magically transform into these pink and secret-laden girl-heavens.

Growing up, on visits to an older female cousin's house, my sisters and I would patiently wait until we were finally granted permission to explore her delightful room. Unlike our own bedrooms, (at the time we were sharing bedrooms), it was large and spacious with a window seat and was filled with millions of cuddly toys (or so it seemed to my child eyes). There was a dressing table and a mirror adorned with smiley photographs and shelves displaying precious trinkets and grown-up-girl things. There were posters on the walls of football players and lots of other people I didn't know. But, it was neat and perfect and I wanted it to be my room so badly. 

It's odd that I write this now, because tomorrow I will be moving away from home for the first time. I'll leave behind my own bedroom; the bedroom that I have painstakingly adorned with my own special things. My new room won't be anything like my bedroom at home. I will stick a few things on the wall for sure, but I think I have reached that stage where I don't really want every inch of my walls to be covered any more. 

And that's the part that really interests me about Teenage Bedroom. So many of these rooms showcase this uniquely 'teenage' trait: walls papered in posters, photographs, postcards and cut-outs, so much so that to everyone else they almost look the same. Yet, to the person who actually owns this room it is very much their own and those decorated walls are very much the mark of their individuality. 

That is the ingenious thing  about Teenage Bedroom. It documents that really rather important project of creating your own extraordinary and lovely and original space within the world. And I don't think you're ever really too old for that entirely. 

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Villi Sabasti said...

Yes.. This really must be the place.. Messy yet cool.. Girls' wear spreaded.. Teddy lying on bed.. Things un-organized..!!
Loved your place.. :-)