Monday, September 17, 2012

she wore blue velvet

I don't have any particularly strong feelings towards Lana del Rey. Her songs are OK, she's not a very good singer, and her look isn't always my cup of tea, although on occasion she can look great. In addition, I am not overly fussed with celebrity/designer collaborations for high street stores either, and therefore, can't say I am too bothered about Lana del Rey for H&M.

However, I was kinda excited to see the promo video for Lana x H&M. Lana, wearing the softest blush pink angora sweater (by all means, the best item in the collection...) croons Blue Velvet, naturally evoking the David Lynch film of the same name. In Lynch's film the Bobby Vinton song is systematically used to create an eerie atmosphere in which classic, white picket fence America is but a façade to conceal a dark and grimy underbelly. The interesting thing in the promo video is that the song is not the only reference to Lynch, but in fact the video itself is something of a homage. There's Lana of course as songstress (think of Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet, the chipmunk-cheeked girl in Eraserhead [watching this scene again creeps the hell out of me...], or  the 1950s themed "This is the girl" singing scene in Mulholland Drive and the Llorando scene). Then there's the couch of creepy doppelgängers, the thick cabaret curtains (while not red their presence still recalls Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and the monochrome stage in Eraserhead), the resounding 1950s look, and last but by no means least, the totally Lynchian presence of the dwarf (Twin Peaks) who switches off the record player. 

I am not sure if this has been released in its entirety, but have a look for yourself, if even for Lana's delightful sweater/sparkly hair clip combination. 


Anonymous said...

I must admit I quite like her lyrics x

earworm said...

h&m and david lynch, thats an association i never thought i would see. it makes me a bit sad that its recycled in this manner.