Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mod manifesto

1. Paul Weller and Pete Townsend. This photograph inspires me endlessly. Paul's polka dots and Pete's trench. 2. Alice from Cool and Beauty. I think I might have posted this before, but from some reason it just fits here. The stripes and boxy silhouette. 3. Audrey Horne's shoes from Twin Peaks. Monochrome. 4. Although just behind Audrey Hepburn in her black dress in the biggest fashion film clichés, it cannot be denied that no one does androgyny quite like Diane. A clichéd answer it may be, but Annie Hall is probably the most stylish film. 5. And again. Scarf and poloneck fit my own personal interpretation of what is Mod. 7. And here's Audrey herself. This picture is on my notice board, trousers, stripes and hooped earrings. In one word: neat.

1. Blouse, APC, 2. Trousers, COS, 3. Shoes, Topshop, 4. Shirt, COS, 5. Dress, Topshop, 6. Loafers, Topshop, 7. Moleskin skirt, COS, 8. Round-neck sweater, APC.

Sometimes I want to dress like an old lady, or a crazy person but mostly, I want to dress like a Mod. 
Mod style is frequently deflated to a cheap imitation of what it really means.  It’s not about PVC mini dresses with chequered patterns, plastic disc earrings and patent white boots. It’s not even about Twiggy or false lashes or Swinging London.
For me, in its most condensed definition, it is about dressing neat.
Neat shoes. Neat shirt. Neat dress.
Sure, I have messy hair, prefer blotchy eyeliner, wear too many rings and raggy granny cardigans, but in general, it’s my most consistent style aspiration.
For me, dressing like a Mod is dressing a bit a like boy. I like trousers with pointy shoes. A good leather cropped jacket with ooh la la stripes. Shirts. And lots of them.
There’s room too for boxy miniskirts with opaque black tights, or even cream tights for a welcome change. And a simple black shift dress worn as a pinafore with thin gold hoop earrings.
My personal interpretation of Mod style also means mixing a pattern (consider polka dots, paisley, stripes) with basics. And almost always wearing a boy or simple/good quality shoe (brogues, winklepickers, leather flats – even try Mummy shops like Ecco for these).
Original Mods were obsessed with good quality clothes and shoes (for example, Italian leather goods). My budget doesn’t really allow me to nurture this aspect of Mod dressing, but I guess, shops like Zara do allow for cheaper pieces that quite often satisfy my Mod appetite (If budget allows COS, or APC are pretty much exceptional...). Mod dressing too requires a fastidious interest in cut, preferring things that are cut a little differently. 

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