Thursday, August 30, 2012


Shot styled by Izzy Sayer. Girlish pinafore, socks and the cutest sandals via Thrills and Frills. 2. Screenshot from Moonrise Kingdom. It must have been May when I saw this in the cinema. It is sweet, but don't be put off by thinking it's just a 'hipster-y' film just because the term 'quirky' can be easily assigned to it. It's different and memorable and whilst being fun, there's something deeper there too that prevents it merely from being style over substance. This here is Suzy who's a total movie style icon, don't ya know! Blue eyeshadow smeared eyes with buttercup yellow dress and binoculars. 3. Black and white photographs on bare walls (credit), 4. Kirsten Dunst's flower hairband in noughties teen fave, Bring it On, 5. And again. Kirsten on swings. 6. Delightful bunch of flowers (credit), Elle Fanning for Self-Service Magazine. 7. Old Comme des Garcons ad: traintracks. 

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I want to live in an Anderson movie