Saturday, August 4, 2012

rhinestones and lipstick

Dolly Parton in rhinestone sweater with tear-drop earrings, Patsy Cline in fringe dress and neck scarf, Dolly with beehive, Make-up Parton style, Tammy Wynette in denims, Tammy with beehive, Loretta Lynn in traditional Western attire, Patsy Cline in pristine white shift with red lips and diamond earrings. 

I am not certain why I've been thinking about country-music singer style lately. Big hair  (beehives and Dolly Parton bottle-blonde flicks), big, gaudy earrings, rhineshones, fringes, denim, garish make-up, Western shirts, boots, mini skirts. The above pictures don't quite capture the tacky-glamour I have in mind. Think bright jarring colours with OTT glitzy jewellery and frosty pink lipstick. 

Dress, boots, denim jacket and lipstick in Secret Admirer- Topshop,  Turquoise eyeshadow - Bourjois, Earrings - Shourouk @ Netaporter


My Third Cousin and Sarah said...

great post! those boots are stunning x

Zoë said...

love love love every element of this post. country singers are a serious sartorial inspiration for me, though its not particularly reflected in my style. i love their rhinestone adorned brazenness! loretta lynn is my QUEEN.