Friday, August 24, 2012

Gray day

While the items themselves are not things I'd necessarily wear, I totally appreciate the sparkly audacity of Louise Gray for Topshop. I love Gray. She's a total punk in that vibrant British way that very much marks her as Vivienne Westwood's successor. One of the best things about the collection is that it's Louise herself  featuring in the Lookbook. Incidentally, Westwood has featured in her own ad campaigns for several years now, and I really think it's such an effective way to sell a brand. It's effective because it's authentic. Gray really would wear all this together, and that's so much more appealing rather than some uber-styled model. Indeed, it emphasises the creative and artistic persona of the designers themselves. 

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Meg Davies said...

I agree. Its comforting to see the creator campaigning her own works. When you seek these designers paired with Topshop it can feel slightly alienated and the creator feels very lost and unknown to the buyer. Lovely blog x