Thursday, August 30, 2012

ain't no angel gonna greet me, it's just you and I, my friend

Wings of Desire is really a rather special film. In a way, it's more akin to a some sort of metaphysical poem or piece of writing, rather than a movie. It is poetic. And very beautiful; concerned with the deeper and more complex questions in life regarding our existence on this earth. 

This is a tale about angels: the silent and invisible angels that watch over Berlin, and offer comfort to those in distress. If anything, this is a film about human life and human desires and chiefly, humanity's greatest desire and trait, our ability to love. The contrast between flesh and blood human life and the intangible, cerebral world of the angels, is depicted by means of capturing the corporeal world in technicolour and the world through the angels' eyes in nostalgic monochrome.  

To paraphrase one critic on Rotten Tomatoes, this is, in short, a tale of angel meets girl and falls in love. The girl in question, Marion, a trapeze artist, is burdened by her own misfortunes and confusions. Portrayed by the late Solveig Dommartin, Marion is radiant in her twinkling costumes with feather wings and glittering tiara. Her down-time outfit consists of high-waisted denims, trench coat, patterned shirt and ankle boots. Later, she attends a Nick Cave and the Badseeds' concert in dramatic red and evening earrings with red-lipsticked mouth.

Marion isn't the only scene-stealer in directer, Wim Wender's film. Berlin itself is cold, stark and haunting, yet strangely magical throughout.

All screen caps by Yours Truly.

Earrings, Sequin playsuit, boots - Topshop, High rise,straight cut jeans, Shirt, Trench coat - APC, Costume wings and tiara. 

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