Thursday, July 26, 2012

hair of the Cat

Since seeing The Dark Knight Rises I've been on a tiny bit of a Batman binge, reading Batman graphic novels and re-watching the previous movies, including the rather dubious earlier films from the 1990s. Tim Burton's Batman Returns is a largely farcical and juvenile affair but I must say that I very much enjoyed Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal as Catwoman and probably more so than I did Anne Hathaway's turn in the most recent film. Sure, they are entirely different takes, Nolan's gritty realism versus Burton's unapologetic comic-strip goofiness, and while a bit ridiculous, I think the latter somehow works for crazy Catwoman. 

Catwoman is easily the best element in Returns (although that would not be too difficult...). Pfeiffer is a scene stealer, possessing one of Hollywood's most compelling and beautiful faces, and is deliciously dangerous and alluring in her handmade catsuit. My real reason for posting about this however, is her hair-do post-Catwoman transformation but in the scenes where she is Selina Kyle: short, curly blonde bob with centre parting. Now, as a curly - haired person, I am always wondering what's the best thing to do with my mop. Recently I decided that while I do need a trim, I would grow it again as all my most recent dos have involved a shorter length, including a not dissimilar bob hair-cut. However, Pfeiffer's perfect cut is making me think otherwise and consider that the bob may be the only way to keep such hair under control. 

Now, this is the Batman appraisal I'm sure you've all been waiting for. 

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Zoƫ said...

ah the iconic catsuit! Its been so long since I've seen this version - absolutely loved TDKR. Sometimes I wish I had curly hair, but you've probably heard that all before. The grass is always greener and all that!