Friday, June 15, 2012

do you want to feel how it feels

Yesterday I wore my green parka for the first time in a really long time. It was pouring heavily in Cork, and I was glad that I had not opted for my usual cropped leather jacket.  Although I threw it on yesterday for reasons of practicality over those of ‘fashion’, wearing it today I had something of a realisation.
With hands deep in pockets and walking at a quick pace in order to make my bus, I felt very me in my khaki green coat.

It’s odd how clothes can have this effect, but more so I realised in that moment how in fact, it is very rare for clothes to actually make you feel like this... even if you are like me – someone who dresses almost entirely accord to ‘whims’ and moods.

Within my own personal style, the parka is,what I would  tentatively term,  a ‘historical piece’. What I mean by this is that I have loved parkas for as long as I have been interested in clothes probably,  largely due to their cultural connotations and practicality. I like how they make me feel a bit careless and boyish (all those Britpop boys and Mods and Paul Weller etc etc...) , and well, if it’s possible for me, a tiny bit cool.

Without being pseudo - philosophical on the matter, wearing it feels a little like an 'extension of self' (in terms of clothes). And that feeling is great. It's a nostalgic feeling too...kind of like how when I was younger and liked to dress in this OTT manner in order to look around the shops on a Saturday and would feel wonderful because of this super - thought-through/'extension of self' outfit with all these inspirations woven through at once. I've since moved away from dressing in such a wildly elaborate way in favour of a more easy going approach to style, but today I was sort of reminded of what a pleasure it is to dress in such a manner that is especially personal to you, albeit in a much more subtle way this time (everyone appears to have a parka these days!).

However, I will concede that I have recently been re-watching Freaks and Geeks. Shout out to Lindsay Weir in her army jacket.  Nice little article from Rookie on Lindsay here. Whilst, re-watching it, I had the same thought as Tavi in this article...why exactly does Lindsay suddenly choose to don the army jacket in the first place?! 

There'll always be something just a bit 'anti' about a khaki parka, or army jacket in Lindsay's case.
PS. Delightful summer weather here obviously...requires scarf and waterproof coat. 


- Janine said...

Beautiful article!!

Harriet B said...

I love everything you're wearing! Heard about the weather in Cork, its mental... so your parka's pretty and practical :D Really enjoying your blog! Harriet c:

busana muslim trendy said...

Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!