Monday, May 14, 2012


Dress, shirt - Zara, Shoes - Topshop

This dress originally belonged to my sister. I wore it once and then again and again and again and somehow, it became a staple in my own wardrobe despite my protestations about the 'LBD myth' (I think it was the overuse of the acronym itself that spawned my greatest distaste...).
I wore it yesterday as a pinafore with a polka-dot blouse from Zara and a denim jacket and with my Mother's leather handbag.
A little 60s inspired maybe...possibly due to further Mad Men adoration at the moment (just how good is series five?! Seriously it should be illegal for a TV show to be this good.).


Une Poupee said...

You are cute as a button!

Eva said...

LOVE Mad Men....x