Monday, May 14, 2012


Front cover. 

Kandinsky postcard. 

JFK postcard and quote - Bob Dylan lyric. 

Turner postcard and an extract from Alain de Botton's The Architecture of Happiness.

Eva Hesse Quote with Pipilotti Rist postcard. - Rothko in Britain exhibition information and ticket. 

Click to enlarge. 

These are some excerpts from my notebook. I love notebooks. There is something so special about them and I am endlessly fascinated with what people scribble or stick in theirs. I got this notebook last summer in the MoMA gift shop in New York and as it was a fancy notebook ('Andy Warhol Idea Book') I really wanted to do something equally special with the content. Since then I have stuck various postcards and other bits and pieces on its pages accompanied with quotes, song lyrics, poems, extracts and other inspiring words.
Without getting super 'deep' and/or cheesy about's doing little creative things like this that give me such peace of mind. Personally, I find it amazing how such small acts can be so extraordinarily fulfilling and it's nice to think I'll hopefully have this for a long time to come. 


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Your notebook really inspired me.

Julie said...

I love the little music notes you drew!

Eva said...

This is beautiful..x

evansmizael said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog secretly for quite some time now. But I've been away for so long and this is certainly a lovely welcome back post. I have a little red note book to write all my work schedule and to do lists. Seems everything is typed and no one really writes anymore so that's why I prefer carrying it around with me. But I have another note book with pages without lines. It has been sitting in the shelf for quite some time now. This notebook of yours just gave me an idea. See I didn't want another scrapbook. I wanted to use it properly. But come to think of it, it can be anything I want since no one's going to judge it anyway. Thank you so much! :)

Robin Miao Wang said...

Lovely book!