Sunday, May 6, 2012

may grey

Firstly, forgive the mess in my room..
Second of all, this is like only one of my favourite dresses. I got it months ago and have worn it a lot since then. I like it because it's just the kind of thing that I can get a lot of wear out of  and I find it equally suitable when dressed up or down.
The length is all kinds of right for me too. It is that 'interesting' [code word for granny] length that I happen to find so appealing...
And we all like grey jersey, yeah?
Dress - Topshop


Anonymous said...

Lovely, I like yellow shade of your pictures. I have similar dress that I wear often.

My Third Cousin and Sarah said...

love that dress! xx

LolaDee said...

I love your bedroom - its got so much personality! Don't apologise for the mess, its part of the character :) Lovely outfit xo