Monday, April 2, 2012

i'll be your emmylou


Vogue UK, April 2012, When you think young the world belongs to you, Bruce Weber.

 Today I spring - cleaned. Beginning of study month and all that. I also went shopping and bought the white brogues above. My mother said they were 'nurse's shoes'. Whatever. They're kind of half way between a runner and a brogue which in my opinion, is rather delightful. And it's such a relief to get a way from stuffy boots and grubby Converse now that it's spring . They're Clarks which makes me like them a little bit more because I associate Clarks with school-shoe-shopping-nostalgia and practicality and not really being 'fashion'...a good thing, I think.  Sunglasses were purchased too because sunglasses are one of my favourite things and these are kind of retro and a little bit like a pair I broke some years back. That is the awful thing with sunglasses - they break and they break and they break once you carelessly toss them into your handbag without thinking. Post - shopping, I randomly did some home hair - dying. Now, I am not sure how it goes for everyone else, but hair dye doesn't appear to take to my mane. I had visions of perfect peroxide (indeed, any time I get my hair done I think it will turn out like a Debbie Hair do). Alas, the reality was a disappointment. Slightly more golden, and 'slightly' might even be pushing it..  but at least, there was the sort of smug thriftiness that goes with spending only €8 something on the bottle. And then later on, I finished a painting that had been languishing on my desk with weeks. And everything felt rather well in the world again.
At least for the moment. 


Anonymous said...

Clarks really do have some great pieces x

Zoë said...

I have a fondness for Clarks - nostalgia and tradition. They also have some beautiful brogues right now but since I turned vegan I don't buy leather anymore. But i am experiencing some serious shoe envy right now!

I love your paintings too - wish I was motivated enough to get painting again x