Sunday, March 4, 2012

bright and dark

via Cheapskate Chic via The Guardian tumblr

I want to be this girl.
Reason 1. Lime green skirt. A few posts back I dreamed of a little lime in my life. This lady is luminous in lime. How cheesy. But seriously, I really like this little trend I am noticing...highlighter-brights illuminating an otherwise dark outfit. Let there be bright!
Reason 2. Due to preposterous hair, I can't wear beanie hats. And that orange one is so damn orange and so damn fun. Jelly.
Reason 3. All those dark and serious and grown up bits that comprise the rest of the outfit. Excellent coat, tick. Slightly shabby - chic, non-descript black knit, yessir, Boyish boots and smart, throw - everything - in tote, yes and yes.

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Anonymous said...

love the colour contrast x