Monday, January 30, 2012

further ramblings on personal style transitions

Self - Portrait in Mirror #1. eh.
Two years ago I would never have posted a picture of myself wearing a jumper and a pair of jeans. Even a year ago, the idea of such a mundane outfit being given centre stage would have been inconceivable. Just goes to show that things really have changed. On New Year’s Eve I posted about the type of clothes I am after now and posting the below image is, I guess, a mark of that. I felt comfortable and warm and weather appropriate today, and I am happy to admit that.

Two years ago I wore frilled skirts and feathers in my hair, obsessed with wanting to stand out. I love people who stand out due to what they wear. I admire it so much – it takes guts. I’ve had my fair share of WTF looks passed at me over the years, and most of the time I have taken it on the chin. But I am not the same person as I was two years ago (although I have always, always advocated the need of a wonderful warm woolly), and where back then I felt comfortable in more out there ensembles, now I feel more comfortable, more like myself, in simple and well chosen items. I also want to ‘get the wear’ out of all my clothes – items that can be dressed up, dressed down and made look all shiny and new with a quick change of tights and an unusual necklace.

Without being all soppy about it, I want my clothes to express a part of me – something about the kind of person I am (let’s not try and figure out what a thick wool jumper says about me though, eh? Er...lazy, not too bothered probably...I would prefer practical and eh... fuss free... ). I dress according to whims and pretty much always have done. I have noticed though a bit more consistency... and who knows, maybe at long last I am beginning to find some consistency in my style.  Regardless, I think I’ve finally learnt that I don’t need to apologise for not being ‘out there’ enough or not taking enough risks (as in sense I’ve been there; I’ve worn all the crinolines, red lipstick, zany tights, buttoned - up shirts, winklepickers, headbands, berets, midi lengths, maxi lengths, furs, feathers, sequins etc etc , and it goes without saying that I still love and ardently defend and admire that sort of  'fantastic fashion', just right now it's not necessarily for me). I am beginning to understand however, that being true to yourself is the only thing necessary in order to dress well and whether that means wool jumpers one day or flouncy layers the next, then so bit it. 

Jumper - on sale in Zara, is there anything better than admiring something full - priced and then it goes on sale for a fraction of the original price. Happy days. 


Night at Vogue said...

Good post! I think it's the most important thing to dress honestly to your own personal style. I am having a giveaway on my blog and wanted to give you a hint as you were one of the first to comment my blog almost five years ago. Thank you!

Melanie said...

It's great that you've been brave enough to "come out," so to speak, about your style metamorphosis. I'm in my late 40s and I've ridden many a style wave, from neon pink 80s nylon riding pants (shudder)to grunge coveralls and mom jeans (even though I wasn't a mom - what was I thinking?!), and now I'm heading full tilt back into SAY IT OUT LOUD style. All I can say is, enjoy the ride wherever you may be. I agree, good post.