Saturday, December 31, 2011

new roads into the future

From 100peanuts via Ripped Knees, From Rief Liefhebber lookbook via Discotheque Confusion, Chunky sneakers - Opening Ceremony, Soft Knit - Tommy Ton, Sarah from the Sun via Through a Glass Darkly, Simple white dress and loafers, Sunglasses - Charles Anastase, Shirt and jeans combo ftw, Magazine image of perfect tote and knit via Thank You, Ok, double denim grunge, Green suede mini - APC.

As 2011 draws to a close, it’s only natural that one takes stock of how their style has progressed over the course of the year.  Like Ana, I feel that my style has matured. Despite my love of anything ‘old’ or ‘vintage’ inspired, Betty Draper, put – together style, full skirts and fantasy fashion, I’ve always (and particularly in recent years and even more so in recent months as I will elaborate upon shortly) appreciated the practical mode of dress to a great degree. As much as I admire and to some degree covet, fancy and put – together ensembles, it means little to me if they are impractical and unsuitable for one’s day to day activities.

In the dying days of 2011, I wore my Dad’s old jumper a lot...probably too much even, my  cropped leather jacket, battered boots, wrap scarves, boxy blue bag nabbed at the Zara sale, stretchy black mini skirt, a desire to wear lots of knitted layers, denims and kooky jewellery and I am still looking for the perfect 90s' black spaghetti - strapped dress . A while ago,  I expressed my wish to wear outfits that could see me through from day to night by means of a quick slick of plumy lipstick and a sweep of smoky shadow. And let’s face it, I’ve always felt, with the occasional exception of a chunky or wedged heel permitted, like a bit of an idiot in vertiginous heels.

I concede that I am still partial to a sprinkle of sparkle and feminine frocks, case in point my Christmas post, but I am inclined to admit  that this is becoming  less and less so. I feel oddly faithful to voluminous skirts (I’ve rambled here and here about them, and probably a dozen times before), but right now, they are becoming a little incongruous within my own style. I hope that doesn’t make me some kind of fashion traitor – I guess what I mean is, I am becoming more aware that you can like something, love something even but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear it.

I feel a little more boyish in my style. And like I’ve grown up. And maybe, that has happened too? I want to dress in an inventive manner but one that doesn’t compensate practicality too much. For example, on a snowy day two weeks ago or so, I saw two girls wearing knee high socks with miniskirts in college. No tights. This kinda shit is not on. Backwards step for the women’s movement and all.  Put some fucking tights on.  It's snowy - geez. Anyway, my point is, it is a much more impressive feat to dress well without forsaking one’s utilitarian needs.  In addition, it is the little details – cut, buttons, fabric, the perfect accessory - that I am particularly invested in now, and I take this as a sign of my style maturing.

In 2012 I want to be a little more frugal. A little more thrifty and a lot less mega – store (ie. Topshop). I want to be a bit more certain of my style and a little less apologetic if it so happens to change. While taking risks and being creative, has always been at the heart of my fashion philosophy, an appreciation of something more subtle, modest and practical is taking my fancy for the year ahead too.
Happy New Year!


rhonabethginny said...

I agree with you "practical yet still nice" idea... I want to buy more dresses that actually work with layering. My style has changed to, it's become more fitted, more "joan" if you will and I hope to be a bit more like that since that style really suits my shape. But I need to keep it suitable for college which I think is going to be difficult...

Anonymous said...

its when you try on a pair of shoes instore and wonder 'now could I run for the bus in these' you know something is changing x

ana said...

great post! for me comfort has taken over pretty much everything else in my outfit requirements

My Third Cousin and Sarah said...

Totally agree with you about practicality and cant wait to see what you have in store for 2012! x