Wednesday, December 7, 2011

december scrapbook - it was dawn in the storm

Film Museum, Berlin.

I was in Berlin last week. It's true what they say. It's great. 

Bought Sleek magazine while there. It's rather awesome with a great mixture of art and fashion articles. And this issue is all to do with gender and the blurring of such boundaries. 


Dress, Topshop Boutique. 

I want a dress with thin straps so bad. This is kinda festive too. Minimal sugar plum fairy. 

Right After, 1969, Eva Hesse.

Mother of Pearl, spring 2012.

Reminds me of Cassie from Skins.


'My plastic signs probably express their souls.' - Matisse

Picked this interesting, large hooded coat up in a charity shop for €8. 


Stephen said...

I really like that last outfit, with the charity shop coat. So simple and really just altogether perfect.

Sleek is the greatest ever, even though I wonder sometimes if the whole 'fuzzy gender' thing has been 'done' by the fashion industry. Sleek have probably re-interpreted it as only they can. Will be passing through Germany in the coming weeks so will be sure to pick one up myself!


Julz said...

love love love love love the charity shop coat!!! you are making me one jealous girl..

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Last outfit is fab. I want that little hooded coat.