Saturday, October 1, 2011

stripe on stripe

The Row resort 2012 - This is a rather excellent display of pattern on pattern on pattern, Charles Anastase s/s 2009, Anastase boots, further CA 2009 - the tights, Random mish-mash layering - grungy pattern mixing at Joseph resort 2012.

I was flicking through family holiday snaps from some years back when I stumbled on photographs of my sister wearing a particularly fetching striped Topshop sundress. Immediately, I was inspired to dig the garment in question out from whatever forgotten corner it resided in. I need not have searched too hard as I found it neatly tucked away in said sibling's wardrobe, and luckily, she was willing to pass the dress onto me.

For me, it seemed almost like the natural thing to pair the dress with striped tights. I am not quite sure why this is, but it just seemed to make sense. I like the idea of layering pattern on pattern - there's something playful but confrontational about it. It's a would you say...WTF.. but this can only ever be a good thing (or at least in my opinion!). The striped tights and overall silhouette has its roots in Charles Anastase's s/s 2009 show - an absolute favourite collection of mine. In that particular collection, I like how it's both very feminine in a traditional turn of the century manner but at the same there's all this transparency and sheer under skirts and suspenders - it's confusing. While I've not taken the hold-ups and suspenders on board, I did want to channel some of that confusion. My friend said my tights were 'zany'. I was delighted!

Dress - sister's (Topshop from a good few years back), tights - H&M, Boots - Topshop, Top - Zara, belt - River Island

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