Wednesday, October 12, 2011

london weekend

I think the autumn months are the best time for city breaks. There is something nice about being able to wear a blazer with a thick coil of wool scarf and be sufficiently warm. With a few layers and even a jaunty hat, you're cosy and comfortable.
Plenty of art galleries, a Brick Lane curry and a few pints make for a very good weekend.

PS. This was my first proper time in London, would you believe? And is it a cliche to say, that I...heart it very much indeed..


Meera said...

Your weekend sounds incredible! I love visiting art galleries.


ana said...

aha i see we have similar taste in paintings... and hats.
sounds like you had fun!


i really like your blog

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's cool that you enjoyed it! I also spent some time in London last year and really enjoyed myself.

P.S. Your ankle boots are adorable, and perfect for navigating a city trip!


Kat said...

@ Ana - Ha yes! However, while I do love abstract expressionism, I still remain somewhat uncertain about Rothko.. give me de Kooning anyday!