Tuesday, October 11, 2011

autumn edit

My first copy of The Gentlewoman - yay!, Hat - Penneys, it might get the odd look, but I am convinced that hats..are well..back!, Postcards - I was London over the weekend and saw some amazing exhibitions (l-r), the Gerhard Richter retrospective at Tate Modern, Degas at the Ballet at the Royal Academy, and Pipilotti Rist at the Hayward, Bag - Found this in my mother's wardrobe, from Italy I think, Sweater - H&M, for over leggings and midi skirts, and reading Women, Art and Society - good introductory book for all matters relating to women and the art world - representations and feminism. 


moira said...

oh! where did you find the gentlewoman, if you dont mind me asking?
i've tried numerous newsagents in dublin but no luck so far (cant find Lula either)
Ps : your autumn looks very stylish!

Kat said...

@ Moira - I picked it up at the Hayward Gallery in London while I was there for the weekend.. By seemingly all accounts, magazines such as The GW and Lula are unavailable in Ireland unfortunately..

earworm said...

we ought to protest, methinks :)
thanks for your answer

Zoƫ said...

I have that book, and now i want to actually buy my first copy of the gentlewoman instead of lusting over it on blogs.