Monday, September 26, 2011


Skirt - River Island, Top - UO, Jacket - Next, Scarf - gift.

I wore this outfit out on Sunday night, and due to a wardrobe malfunction wore it pretty much again the following day, just changing the top to a very similar one.

I think this sort of encapsulates the desire I had to transform the full-length skirt into something I could wear all the time, not just at night time events (see here). I like the idea of clothes being suitable for both day and night which can be manipulated quite easily to suit any social situation. Currently, I am bored of the notion of an entirely separate night - wardrobe, and am harbouring a fondness for a more subtly - toned wardrobe with simple pieces that can be styled up or down.

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LolaDee said...

This is perfection! Love it!