Thursday, September 15, 2011

i would be living down here on my own, on that damp and lonely Thursday years ago

[1] Jarvis. Check and jumper. [2] APC parka. I need a new khaki parka. Now. [3] Sheer - backed shirt, Urban Outfitters. [3] Weiblicher Halbakt mit Hut, 1911 Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Obsessed with this painter at the moment. I love German Expressionist painting and Kirchner is a particular favourite. [4] APC burgundy boots. [5] Aztec cardigan, Asos. Cosy and colourful, perfect for autumn.

PS.  Would just like to direct you to THIS post over on Mode and the Like. Noelani has written the sweetest things ever about me and my painting. And it makes me blush a little. I'd just like to express some gratitude as her post brightened my day blighted by flu.


Elle said...

Love that asos cardie think that would definitely be a winter staple!

Noe said...

Ah! I'm so glad you got my e-mail. But I really do admire your painting! And I'd love to see more! :)