Thursday, August 25, 2011

when I wake up in my make-up

Inspiration: Swallow prints at Miu Miu, s/s 2010, Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, Courtney Love in the video for Miss World, Seinfeld's Elaine teaming girly dresses with socks and boy - shoes , Madonna for the crucifix earring.

I had my picture taken recently for a college magazine. I wasn't really certain what to wear so rather than the convoluted, layer-y outfit that I was initially considering,  I decided to wear my new dress and pull an 'Elaine' feminine dress paired with socks and scruffy footwear. The whole thing kinda reminds me of Courtney Love too [Yes, I've jumped aboard that train...Tavi to blame surely...] and is somewhat similar to her look in the Miss World video. It's a bit of a 'little girl' dress - indeed,  a style popularised by Love in the 90s.
I wanted to put a picture of a nun into the above collage too. What with the navy blue, prominent collar and crucifix there's something of a 'nunny' vibe at work. Of course though, google images only appear to provide 'sexy nun' costumes when you search 'nun', and that wasn't exactly the look I as going for. 

Photograph by Emmet Curtin
Dress - Red Herring, shoes - Converse, socks - Topshop, canvas bag, MoMA. 


Lucy said...

Reminds me a bit of 80's Madonna, I love it!

miss vintage love said...

Great post! I love all these ladies. I still wear my 90's babydoll dresses with socks and maryjanes! :)

Anonymous said...

yumyumyum Love it x

Anonymous said...

I can see what Lucy's saying. Does look a little Madonna-ish.
It's very cute. And I love the dress.


Fashion Stylist_ka said...

you look fantastic in that dress! love it

...Mesmerized... said...

Cuteee :)
XO eda

Noe said...

I love your dress. And your hair. And '90s style. For real.