Saturday, August 20, 2011

unlikely style hero #3

Who? Woody Allen

What? Sure Diane Keaton is the real star of his 70s’ movies, but I find myself nodding in agreement at his check shirts in earthy colour combinations, tweed jackets with granddad elbow patches, belted chinos, army green utility jackets and the ubiquitous thick framed spectacles.

Why? Neurotic New Yorkers must be my thing at the moment, but it is their apparent trendlessness and casual approach to style that particularly appeals. And with Woody, it’s that old – fogey college lecturer look that is suitably season appropriate.

However, I watched Annie Hall again in its entirety for the sole purpose of making screen caps. I have too much Diane Keaton goodness not to share...  

Key notes: Scholarly blazers, khaki green, grey, trousers and plaid flannel shirts.

This is my favourite. I want that army jacket. 

Political and polished. Tweed with tie.
Blue shirt and blue denim - surprisingly all-American. Note Diane's casual khaki trousers and well-fitting grey t-shirt. 

Check shirt and maroon sweater. 

This is excellent. Elbow patches, denim and brown boater shoes.

More army type attire. 

Ah Annie. She's the master of cool and casual clothes. 

Mainly capped this shot because of the pot plants.

Grungy Woody.

I saw a recent picture of Woody wearing pretty much this outfit. It's timeless, I guess. 

I love this cap. Woody in earthy neutrals and Diane in checks and denim. 

Tweed over check.

Love Diane's look here. And sky blue and chocolate is a surprisingly chic colour combination.

I like the colours of his shirt here.


Michele said...

Would you love me more if I dressed like Woody Allen??

Sewshootme said...

Can I just say I really like your blog! It has personality. It's different and interesting. A rare gem in a world saturated with mediocre, run of the mill fashion blogs. 'Oh look at me wearing a vintarge cahdigan and topshop tea dress' Yawn. Please keep being you.

Sammy d:) xxx

Kelly-Ann said...

Oh my god, I completely love you for all of these Annie Hall screencaps :)

DNA (designers+artists) said...

I'm a huge Woody Allen fan, thanks for posting these!

Anonymous said...

Oh I really like this! Im always wearing brogues, check shirts and tweed but I've never thought of it as a nod to Woody Allen but I like the idea! x

Noe said...

I always find myself wanting to watch movies on my laptop just so I can screen shot photos of stylish outfits!!
Also, I agree with Sewshootme. You have an eloquent voice/writing style that is engaging. Can't wait to read more!