Saturday, August 13, 2011

unlikely style hero #2

Who? Julia Louis - Dreyfus as Seinfeld's neurotic Elaine Benes.

What? So there’s something of a belated Seinfeld love affair currently happening in my household. In between the laughs (Seinfeld is actually too good), I’m spending my time trying to convince everyone else that Elaine Benes is in fact, a style icon. Elaine’s wardrobe is so nineties that it borders on the unpalatable. On the contrary, I can’t get enough of it. It’s all about awkward skirt lengths and dresses that just graze the ankle, oversized denim jackets, brooches, brogues and ankle socks,  creepers (“WHY ARE MY SHOES A TOPIC OF CONVERSATION?”), fringed jackets, those boxy early 90s’ ‘working girl’ blazers, buttoned – up shirts, lace details, tartan scarves and anoraks, full-length thick wool over coats, waistcoats and much florals...

Why? Elaine is pretty much my soul sister I’ve decided (hair aside even!), but in case that’s not enough of a reason to dress in her 90s’ librarian – granny – free spirit mash- up manner consider the awkwardness of the shapes and silhouettes of her punchy getups – all those long skirts and prairie girl floral dresses. Or the certain grunginess that her wardrobe embraces which to our twenty - first century world -weary eyes takes on a whole new anti-fashion shade. There's a carelessness;  a thrown – together sensibility to her attire. It can be feminine but there’s almost an irony to the ditzy florals – Elaine is 'one of the guys' after all. I like the authenticity of Elaine’s costume; how she frequently wears the same pieces and her penchant for brooches and jewellery provide a personal touch. And although back-packs are so very trendy now, Elaine is probably the real reason why I have to have one.  

I heart Jerry and Elaine too much. Elaine wearing a very typical Elaine tea-dress. Also, note the sun hat.

And again. This time with her signature brogue/ankle sock combo.
Creepers. You gotta love a girl who wears creepers. It's a rule I live by.
Crucifix earring. Same rule applies.

So much going on here - leggings, fringing, floral bad, it's good?

(I am actually laughing even just looking at this picture...hilarious episode) Elaine in camel wool with buttoned shirt, scarf and her backpack - another Elaine signature addition.

Outdoorsy jacket and check scarf.

Love this. Mustard anorak and denim shirt.

Granny knit. Gotta love George's parka here too (Also, George. General lol)

This is actually a floral jumpsuit. Obsessed with her multiple ear piercings here.
Fringe jacket and diamanté cat-eyes - bit of country music singer tackiness (this is a good thing).
Blazer with lace collar and  straight-cut jeans.

Boxy jacket and buttoned shirt. 

Floral blouse. 

Oversized denim and more floral - so Elaine.
That glorious back-pack.
Denim, gloves, anorak, backpack.
Straight - cut jeans and full-length camel coat.

Elaine is the master of ridiculous face expressions ("Face like a frying pan"). Librarian blouse and pearl hoop earrings.

The floral-midi - an Elaine Staple.

If all that isn’t enough for you, READ THIS. Proving those haterz wrong.  An awesome article that says all I want to say and lovingly refers to Elaine’s look as ‘West Side Grunge’. In addition, it considers Elaine’s look to be quite hip and ‘now’ ....I have a feeling I have to discuss this further...

All images from this amazing tumblr dedicated to Elaine's wardrobe: Why are my shoes a topic of conversation.


Natasha Nicole said...

Oh my goodness gracious me, this is quite frankly the best blog post I've come across in ages! I'm currently watching the entire boxset of Seinfeld and love, loveeee Elaine. Brilliant. x

Anonymous said...

I agree with every word you wrote here, Elaine IS a style heroine, why did I never notice before? Off to dust off the boxed set immediately : )