Monday, August 29, 2011


[1] Diane Keaton's tartan scarf in Annie Hall. [2] I really like this - matronly midi skirts and belted cardigan over at very cool blog Cavaan, [3] Kurt Cobain for his layering and fuzzy cardigan - I feel a bit weird posting anything Cobain or even mentioning Courtney Love as I did in my last post... but at the same time, it's a mark of how influential the blogs you read (in this case The Style Rookie among others...although what blog doesn't love the 90s at the moment?) impact significantly on your own taste and style. I am concious of 'buying' into this whole 90s' obsession but at the same time, it's not necessarily 'buying' into's more that there's this certain mood in the air which can be captured through the clothes we wear and at the moment, it's the 90s. I think in 2011 there's a certain simplicity to 90s-isms that appeals. Besides, up to very very recently I made it through life without properly listening to Kurt happens to be on the brain at the moment. Phew - long image up..[4] Sandals with socks. Yes, the original fashion faux pas..but, the wooly forest - green and rusty-red leather here works well in a 70s' granddad way. [5] More Keaton - I am a big fan at the moment. The polo neck, the waistcoat, the watch, the glasses - something school teacher about this that I like. [6] No idea where this is from, but I like the colour scheme and the dusty pink knit and the canvas carry - all. [7] Topshop booties...I need new boots for when college starts...[8] Lastly, a nice, practical idea for tying up curly hair via Refinery 29. And I appreciate the combination of school-girl grey, buttoned shirt and glitzy necklaces. 

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naivebones said...

oh gosh! I love your blog! Lovely post, and I totally agree with the socks and sandals! As long as their not socks and flip-flops! urgh! And the keaton thing! Loooove the glasses and turtle neck.. I don't care what anyone says, turtle necks are IN :) xxxxx