Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh the drama

Rodarte a/w '11

I'm not exactly certain what this post is about. It's rather more an incongruous compilation of ideas that just so happen to mesh together. And an effort, I guess, to tie up a few threads here and there that have been floating around my brain space.

Firstly, there's Rodarte's fall collection. According to Style the inspiration was Terence Malick's Days of Heaven - a film I haven't seen but a quick internet sconce tells me it's a dreamy-landscapy-Malick-y affair set in early twentieth century Texas. The key thing I want to take away from the collection is those blues and the combination of the elegant tailoring of the jackets and the graceful fall and length of the skirts.

Next up, there's Diane Keaton in Reds. I've acquired something of a minor fascination with Keaton recently (it's impossible not to be if you watch of any of her 1970s' Woody Allen turns. The woman has got it.). Reds sees Keaton as anarchic Marxist/Feminist writer Louise Bryant. It's set roughly around the same time as Days of Heaven (circa 1917) and rather than the chic - city - androgyny that Keaton is best known for, you've got her bound in shawls and darks drapes of material with wispy auburn hair and defiant kohl-ringed eyes. But again [at this point the pattern becomes clear], you've got skirt length and you've got lenghty jacket, nonchalantly worn together. And there's some blue in there too...

There is the [large] possibility that this post was created just so that I could gush a little about Downton Abbey. It's been over six months since I actually watched that exquisite period drama but yet, here I am wondering why I never got around to posting a single image of Lady Mary et al. And goodness, Lady Mary. I trawled the internet in search of a full-length, good quality image of my favourite Mary outfit (see below) but to no avail. Navy blue skirt, cream shirt, and powder blue jacket and a gold locket [digression] that bears a striking resemblance to that worn by Chung on the June cover of Brit Vogue. This easily could have been an ensemble on the Rodarte runway. And so blue. Blue to match the startling azure of Matthew's eyes... Swoon.

And then there is a whole library of other references which are compiled for your convenience in collage format below. But to summarize, there's Virginia Woolf with her neat hair bundle, Edwardian women in fancy skirts and jackets and Countess Markievicz wrapped in great lengths of fabric also.

To conclude, the idea is [I knew there was a point somewhere in all of this!] taking the period silhouette of the long skirt and jacket and making it somehow modern with thick muted-toned scarves, sharp jackets, sophisticated darks, buttoned shirts and utility coats and layering, layering, layering. Of course, this is currently all a bit of head jumble that has so far only made me want to watch more period dramas, but perhaps, the ultimate goal is to make the long skirt that staple piece that I called for recently. And this is just how it makes sense to me.

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in ITV's Downton Abbey, Facehunter shot (this is what I'm on about), Virginia Woolf photograph and painting, Countess Markievicz, Diane Keaton in Reds, Meryl Streep just being pretty , Susie (again Susie has this thing pit-pat), More Diane, Some heads from The Forsyte Saga (another excellent ITV drama (circa 2002), Edwardian ladies at the beach - fancy!


discotheque confusion said...

Ah your collage is such a perfect ode to Downton, I think the 48 hours in which I watched the whole of that series may have been the happiest of 2011 (exaggeration but whatever..)

Also I'm still convinced that Bates is the ultimate model of the perfact human.

Don't know if you've seen this but it made me think of you, I think Elizabeth Taylor and Golden stars just do.

Sarah said...

This is great - I love a good wordy, well thought-out post with a nice moodboard. I think I may be missing out in not watching Downton Abbey, but I do appreciate a good Edwardian skirt and messy bun. Love your new blog layout by the way - tis beautiful!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

I love this post...I so want to get lost in a Virginia Woolf story right now.