Wednesday, August 24, 2011

look at these my child - bearing hips, look at these my ruby red ruby lips

[I love this demo cover....obsession with weird sunglasses continues.]

This is yet another image – heavy post but with some reason I hope.
A selection of  PJ Harvey images (mostly 90s, I think. For the kinda grunginess I am into at the moment...) whetting the appetite for her performance at this year’s Electric Picnic. [Excited!]

I am by no means an expert on Polly Jean (I say this because my eldest sister is a massive fan and is much more well versed in her back catalogue than I ), but I am still very much enamoured by her. She’s a strange dichotomy of otherworldly fragility and this fierce, intense sexuality. Polly just seems like a woman who has lived, and her music reflects this (even though she insists her often creepy lyrics are non-autobiographical).

The Harvey song book is a deep pool of eerie torment, gothic themes and disturbing narratives, rousing raging revenge anthems, raw reflections and unflinching romantic sensitivity. Needless to say, there is a lot at work in her music – it’s experimental, eccentric and empowering.  And while ‘empowering’ is a word largely associated with Beyonce/Adele these days (and I’m not hating on Beyonce or Adele. Really! I am a fan to a degree even...) - but it’s thrown out there mainly in terms of ‘You dumped me, but you know what? I am over it and you suck! And look how hot I am now!’.  Of course I don’t want to compare such artists as that would just be silly, but Harvey does undoubtedly provide a greater complexity and ferocity to the notion of ‘ female empowerment’ – she’s strong, strange and sexy all at once and this is the intriguing thing about her. There’s no boxing PJ into any female stereotype, instead you can’t quite get your head around her.

Style wise, PJ is provocative. She likes slinky dresses and spiky heels and indeed, her 90s’ persona prefers revealing clothes particularly. But somehow the whole package is not as straightforward as slim girl in tight dress – she wants to shock just a little bit.  She’s an image maker and shifter – one minute she’s wearing turquoise blue eye shadow with a stars and stripes bikini and bouffant hair and the next she’s stripped back and natural. There’s no second guessing.

Pretty Polly.

Man Size video.

Extreme make-up.

Fuck yeah.

The classic 90s' black dress. This picture also captures something of Polly's shy and sweet side. Indeed, it is amazing to compare her reserved nature when interviewed with her bold on - stage presence. 

I like this. #90s' simplicity

Cliche 'rock chick' sort of thing happening here. 

Make-up for the Down by the Water video shoot. 

To Bring You My Love promo shot. 
I like her orange-fuzzy sweater here.

Performing Rid of Me.
Such a sensational shot.


ana said...

I've been meaning to do a post on Polly for ages, she's mad sexy and one of the few 90s fashion plates who hasn't been getting the blog-attention she deserves so far

Anonymous said...

She's a heroine of mine, can't believe you will get to see her live, totally jelz!! I'm intimately acquainted with her back catalogue too, but have never managed to nab tickets on time. Enjoy and take pictures!!


Sarah said...

Bloody love PJ Harvey. She always looks like she should be in a Diana Arbus portrait - which is a good thing. Sheela na Gig is revolving around my brain right now.

Floka said...

I love her. I love her of all my heart.