Monday, August 15, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like autumn

A quick flick through the blog's archive and I notice a pattern - July is barely out and I'm rhapsodising about the merits of autumnal dressing. Autumn is my favourite season - all that 'back to school' goodness and the crunchiness of just about everything - the leaves, the apples, the new books, the crisp air. I like autumn too because it means boyish colours -umber, wholesome greens, russet, burnt orange, deep blues and naveys - paired with battered boots and brogues and a bundle of library books. For some reason, autumn for me means embracing something of wartime aesthetic, consider buttoned - up shirts, the occasional floral and the aforementioned palette and outdoorsy footwear. There's a certain comfortable practicality that I want my clothes at this time of year to possess. Less frivolity, more utilitarian.

Shoes, skirt - Topshop, jumper, jacket, - Zara, shirt - Bershka.

I am mightily in love with my 'horsey' jacket at the minute....I'll save you from too much gushing though. To sum up - I like the pockets, the corduroy collar detail and the hood. Man, I love a good raincoat. 

Autumn is a nice time too to try the odd new thing out. I've always been a bit wary of pencil skirts...but I was attracted to the bold orange stripes of this one, and needless to mention, the neat five euro price tag. It' s tricky piece to work with, but a challenge is always good, right?
Top, skirt, - Zara, shoes - Topshop, belt - River Island, hoop earrings- A-Wear


Julz said...

Love the green jumper :D I'm on the lookout for one for myself actually. Also love the jacket, as I already told you! And the pencil skirt... you look amazing in it!! Work it gurl!

rhonabethginny said...

i love both looks! looking forward to autumn myself...

Soooali said...

Kat this is so sweet! Autumn suits you!

Veronika B. said...

I love the pencil skirt! It is so cute!

Noe said...

I just came across your blog at random and have to say that I think it is amazing! I love that you choose unique style icons as opposed to any obvious trendsetters out there. I think it's great that your blog is more rooted in art and fashion's relationship to culture, which is how I always look at it. Needless to say your blog is very inspiring (as is your artwork in the background, can't wait to see more!!) and I'll be coming back again and again!