Wednesday, August 3, 2011

birthday betty

Betty close - up. The Mad Men dolls have that vintage Barbie look about them.

It's no secret that I am total Mad Men junkie. I am hooked. I love it. End of. No debates. I also quite like pretty and/or slightly random things/keepsakes that I'll eh..keep for the eh..sake of it. A few of my friends pooled together and got me a collectable Betty Draper Barbie Doll for my birthday recently. I was seriously impressed and quite touched to be honest - she ain't no cheapie Sindy! 
Made of genuine silkstone and dressed in the sweetest floral dress with perfect blonde bob, painted nails and pearls, I am weirdly enchanted by her. I had to share! 

Mad Men box. Annoyingly, I never took a picture of Bets all cosy inside. 

A certificate of authenticity. This makes me feel important. 

The lady herself. Swoon. 

Detail of the back of her dress. 

Do miniature lipsticks and compact complete with mini pink powder puff make anyone else extremely and perhaps, somewhat irrationally happy? Betty comes ready for the dinner dance with clutch bag. 

I think I need the Joan doll now. 


Michele said...

The back of the dress is amazing...

And a little pink powder puff...for the love of's ADORABLE...

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!! She is gorgeous! Can't wait to see her in person :D x

Anonymous said...

GAH! Oh my! I didn't know these even existed. I want one!