Friday, July 29, 2011

bridging the gap

The Marc Jacobs’ look on the left was one of my favourite looks from recent seasons. And on the right is an offering from Alex Wang’s diffusion line T by Alexander Wang. The looks are very similar- shiny full length skirt and thick wool winter sweater.  

This look fascinates me. It’s like a sartorial (it pains me to use that word) metaphor for where we are now in fashion. Take the spectacular style of the skirt (will get to the length in a minute) and what is essentially the utter blandness, the day-to-day sloppiness of the jumper and bang! The gap between sober nineties fashion and the ferocious extravagance of much of the noughties has been bridged. Clever, no?

(Skip the following paragraph if you cannot stand more rambling on long skirts – I do this a lot!)
And then there is the length. I have watched with nothing short of an obsessive fascination at how the full-length skirt has gone from ‘out there’ to everywhere. Every third lady is sweeping floors (not actually sweeping floors) in a full-lengther. It’s amazing and great simply because they do look so great on everyone and they’re practical (can be worn day or night) and are exceptionally comfy. The point is though, the long skirt is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple more akin to the skinny jean as opposed to a flash-in-the-pan harem trouser sorta trend.  By nature though I am something of a pessimist and am already fearing that moment when I decide ‘Hold up. I am sick of full-length skirts’ and that’s why I am proposing a promotion from mere trend item to staple piece. Now, that’s something that really interests me. 

And back to the top. To cut a long story short, I think this provides a pretty good template for fall dressing, and isn't it sorta cool too that nothing much has changed in a year?


Anonymous said...


also loving the new look x

Lucy said...

I reeeeally want one of them, not so sure they'll suit my shortness though x