Saturday, July 30, 2011

the girl who stole his glasses

Somehow I have recently become obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Now, this kinda statement makes me squirm cos the world is obsessed with Kurt and there's nothing really interesting about that, but somewhat unwittingly Kurt has become a style icon for me. Now, that's another statement that makes me squirm cos that's silly to say anti-fashion grunge god Cobain is somehow fashion-y, but let's just brush over that oxymoron, shall we? Besides I know for a fact that lots of people find KC stylish, so again there's nothing unique in that.

But but but, look here. My sister bought me these sunglasses from UO in Boston. They're plastic, super pointed, bright red cat-eyes. Utterly outrageous and somehow utterly Cobain. Teamed with a crucifix earring and stripes and I'm so fucking nineties. Where's my walkman, I most go listen to Nevermind. 


Michele said...

like totes neo-grunge...

Anonymous said...

Seriously loving those sunglasses!!

Julia @ Retro Jules