Monday, July 4, 2011

beating the monday blues

Best friends 4 ever like. My friends and I showing off our snazzy new elastic bracelets from Topshop. There is something very nineties about this.

Tights from H&M. Picked these up in Boston on sale. There is nothing like a new pair of tights. Especially when they're kinda weird. In a good way (I hope). These sort of remind me of a football team scarf. Or Hogwarts. 


Anonymous said...

Those tights totally kick ass. It seems like you can never have enough tights!


Goon Squad Rambler said...

Or Beetlejuice!

Eva said...

You are so ready to get down to the next Quidditch match! That picture of our hands looks cool too! x

Anonymous said...

Love the 90s style braclets, must get some of those! Also love the idea of Hogwarts tights!! x