Wednesday, June 29, 2011

unlikely style hero #1

While fashion editor of my university magazine this past year, I wrote a short recurring feature titled 'A Style Icon less Ordinary'. This is the same idea. I have always enjoyed those 'anti - icon' (as it was called in ElleGirl back in the day) features. They are a little fun, a little silly and often quite revealing about the person who wrote it. Don't think I'm only trying to be somewhat humorous though, I am dead serious. Never diss the unlikely!

Enter unlikely style hero numero uno...

Who? Gritty children's book author Jacqueline Wilson
What? My childhood heroine. Before I spent too much time on the internet or being hungover, I read a lot (specifically the glory days of like age six to say twelve). I wanted to be just like Wilson...except I'd illustrate my own books (eh Nick Sharratt eat your heart out).
[But] Why? My silver-haired sister was one of my first style icons solely because of her ring - cluttered fingers. I maintain an obsession with those who generously don finger furniture to this day - a ring for every finger is my ultimate be just like Jackie.

I am a horrible hoarder and am not going to relinquish my childhood books any time soon

Current daily ring count stands at five. (I have a few others which I don't tend to wear though).
Right: Turquoise and Marcasite - an 18th birthday gift from my friends, silver and large stone (my most  recent acquisition, birthday gift from my sister and bought in Boston), Left: Silver and jade stone stacking ring ( need more of these!), rose gold wedding band (My great Grandmother's, and probably my most prized possession of late.), silver signet ring ( I got this way back when! My confirmation! Fits the pinkie!).

Coincidently, whilst on a bus in Boston recently, I met a middle-aged man who was keen to strike up conversation about my rings. Random Man: 'You've one for every finger!' Me: 'eh..there's still a few to go..' , Random Man: Do they each mean something different?' Me: 'Sorta...well I guess so... *trails off*' 


Lorraine said...

I really want to reread these, loved them when I was younger :')

Anonymous said...

Yeah, rings can be pretty B.A. if worn correctly. I love the one on your left-hand--middle-finger.


Sarah said...

Love this post for so many reasons, the fact that you've reawakened my urge to re-read Double Act is but the least of them.