Monday, June 6, 2011

bank holiday weekend

From top - A chunk of my clothes. Trying to pack for my holiday today. I am going to New York and Boston on Thursday. My first time Stateside and I am very excited! Feel free to leave any recommendations!
Bottle with yellow rose. My friend and I spotted this weird 'Curiosity Cola' in Tesco last week and bought it. It was quite nice actually and I rather adore the retro bottle. I think it makes a rather nice flower vase. How crafty of me. 
Yours Truly. 
I am so late on the Mushroom nail polish trend. Please tell me what the latest 'it' shade is. Coral? Mint? Dove grey? Barry M Mushroom for anyone who is tardy with nail polish trends too.
Converse yo. Man, I am lame. I really really don't want to gush about Converse cos everyone on earth (with the exception of me up to two days ago has a pair), but I really really like them. 

This isn't too exciting, but it's kind of simple and summary and I like that about it.
Dress, Cardigan - Topshop
Leggings, bag - Warehouse
T-shirt - Zara
Sandals - Nine West


Anonymous said...

what a picture of elegance x

little t said...

I need a pair on converse. Just like yours :)

Goon Squad Rambler said...

Anthropologie near Rockerfeller Centre... the greatest store known to man. A little expensive but worth it!

My Third Cousin and Sarah said...

Looks like a great weekend, stunning portrait and outfit shot!x

Sarah said...

Boston AND NY? You lucky thing. If you're around for the Brooklyn Flea definitely check it out. Whatever you do, go for brunch in New York. Coney Island is great fun if you have a spare afternoon.

In Boston, the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum is a lovely place to go with a really interesting story behind it. I'm not really big on shopping in Boston but there are some nice thrift/vintage stores, venues and bars around the Harvard/Cambridge area, like The Garment District, History and (my personal fave) Proletariat, which is a shop that stocks only vintage tees. Hope you have a great time!

sky@laestetica said...

very lovely pictures. i like ur style.

xoxo said...

you are so pretty! i just love love LOVE this outfit!