Sunday, May 8, 2011

sundae (should be studying scrapbook)

Strictly speaking I am still refraining from blogging for the time being, but I felt like sharing a few things today.

Skirt - H&M
Top, Cardigan - Topshop
Shoes - Bershka
I had a family occasion today and wore my new skirt. My mother actually bought me this skirt in H&M while she was in Boston recently. It's a 'midi' and I quite love it. Peach pleated silky material with rust, blue-grey and buttercup-coloured pattern – I think it’s insanely pretty, I can only gush!  It is on the right side of granny-ish too, something which you know I am always keen to embrace and play around with. While I stuck with that sort of demure/ladylike thing today, in the future I’d like to pair this with my coral wedges, socks and a contrasting t-shirt. 

Painting of the day: Madame Recamier, 1800, Jacques-Louis David
Gosh, she’s lovely. 

From the Louvre website:
'Madame Récamier, gracefully reclined on a meridienne with her head turned towards the viewer, is dressed in a white antique-style sleeveless dress and is barefoot. The room is empty except for the antique-style sofa, stool and candelabra. She is seen from some distance, so her face is quite small, but this is less a portrait of a person than of an ideal of feminine elegance. Madame Récamier (1777-1849), although then only twenty-three, was already one of the most admired women of her time. The daughter of a notary, she epitomized the social ascension of the new post-revolutionary elite. Her husband, older than her, had become one of the principal financial backers of the First Consul, Napoleon Bonaparte. In their mansion, restored by the architect Percier and furnished by the cabinetmaker Jacob, the couple entertained numerous writers, some of whom - like Benjamin Constant or Chateaubriand - fell passionately in love with Madame Récamier. '

And gosh, Joanna is always lovely. A lullaby for the day:


Anonymous said...

Glad you chose to share that, despite your blogging refrain. Beautiful skirt. I'm jealous.

Eva said...

Aw lovely post with a blend of elements! Thinking of you today and lovely skirt :) x

rhonabethginny said...

love that skirt!! Gimme!

Anonymous said...

I had a little gasp at the beauty of this outfit...I've fallen for your skirt!

anna said...

Tht skirt was a great find from H&M, i rarely find anything great in there. And did you hear, Joanna Newsom is playing in Marley Pak in July? I would kill to see her but I'll be away :( x

Han said...

I love that you include artworks in your posts!