Wednesday, May 18, 2011

spot the difference

Gerhard Richter's Horst with Dog in the home of former MoMA president Agnes Gund and 
Louise Lawlor 's Pollock with Tureen (1984).

I find this kind of thing interesting and wanted to share. Postmodernism, wah. 
With the risk of sounding like my lecturer, what statement does the grand piece of art make when its taken out of the gallery and placed in some rich man/woman's home?
While studying I came across the profile of Gund's home. If you click the link above, you can see other examples (perhaps most particularly the Lichtenstein...I'm just fond of Richter) of what Lawlor is questioning in her work.

(maybe for another day...eerily similar to the question I rather unsuccessfully answered in my exam today. Never mind)

All time favourites.

Cassie and Deb in sailer tops.

More coherent posts soon. I promise.


Garnish with the Bizarre said...

Debbie Harry looks so radiant in that shot. And you know lots about Art. Which I don't. But RESPECT.

Aldina said...

I really like the sailor look! Used to be a fan of Sailor Moon as a kid, and they wore those Sailor uniforms :)

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