Sunday, May 22, 2011

it's just good manners

As I mentioned in yesterday’s super speedy post, I caught a glimpse of the Queen on Friday during her visit to Cork. Unfortunately, she was a good deal away from me, but I still saw her and you know, it was pretty cool and all.

I surprised myself with how readily I jumped on this Queen bandwagon, but it’s safe to say that the majority of people here in Ireland (myself obviously included) following her four day visit, really warmed to the sprightly old lady. It was a hugely exciting and momentous occasion and not one to be regarded apathetically or cynically, considering our traumatic history with Britain.  And anyway, she is so dainty, you cannot help but like her just a little bit.

Watching the news last night, journalist Olivia O' Leary made a really astute comment, remarking on the symbolic nature of Queen Elizabeth's green ensemble on arriving in Ireland. Yeah...the cyncial amongst us (and there are a lot, and generally I reside amongst them...) will guffaw at such a statement, but it is a rather nice statement to make, and also a nice commentary on the way clothes can and do possess the power to be somewhat political. Besides, the Queen is a very well dressed elderly person and I always appreciate a set of pearls and an extravagant hat. Throw in a diamond crown and it makes it all the better.

This post is for my friend Michele, with whom I enjoyed a great day in honour of the Queen’s visit. 
Some regal inspiration, if you so please.


Anonymous said...

That picture with the pretty white dress is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Haha... Just realized that there are a lot of pictures with a pretty white dress. I meant the pretty lacey one. But all the pictures are beautiful, anyway.

rhonabethginny said...

She's certainly one stylish, elegant lady... fair play

Michele said...

YAY Queen!!! She is actually adorable!!!


Anonymous said...

She's some woman for one woman