Friday, May 20, 2011

green piece

The gorgeous Claire of Young Shields, Yoko Ono's "Sun Piece", miscellaneous image, A.P.C., Acne, the always cool Stevie of Discotheque Confusion, Garance Dore image of (Jil Sander/Jil Sander esque ?) ensemble, a seriously delightful dining room, miscellaneous image x 2

Having a green moment. It's summer. I am almost finished my exams and I saw the Queen today.
I want denim A-Line skirts, stripes and a plenty.


rhonabethginny said...

i want that denim skirt! looks so quirky!

discotheque confusion said...

woooo 'the always cool', can I get that printed on a tee-shirt?

also have you seen the new Resort APC collection? lots of nice new things.. x