Monday, April 4, 2011


A quick collage I made of s/s inspiration.
Peach (although, it's beginning to get a bit tiresome...), Vibrant colour, Green, Midi skirts, Long skirts, Wedges, Knee high socks, Innovative layering.
Watch the video linked below, please do, it's so very short, but SO very special. I actually saw this first on  What Will I Wear Today's Facebook page. But, it's precisely why I find more mature women so inspiring. I posted last week about my fascination with elderly women's style, but somewhat crucially failed to mention the risk-taking of such women. THIS is what is especially awesome. You gotta love their 'I don't really give a shit' attitude. More of this, I say.
'You don't want to look crazy. The object is to look as chic as you can, but your average person in the street would never wear this.'
This link makes me so very happy, please click!.

I'm not trying to be all hipster on you and post a blurry I Phone shot..but rather had to use my Dad's camera and didn't fix the settings properly.
I was thinking though that I generally don't do those sort of 'well, this is what I wore in College today' outfit posts, so here's one for a change. Nothing exciting, but I think perhaps, it's interesting to see what people wear when they're just hanging around or making essay deadlines like I was today.
Btw I cut my hair...maybe, more on this to come...
Skirt - River Island
Shoes, Cardigan - Topshop
Shirt - Zara (was my Sister's)


Michele said...

Tis...super short...It's nice...reminds me of something, which I will think of later!

Love that skirt as well!

Anonymous said...

Aw i love that video! i watched it several times in a row i just couldn't get enough of all the detail!

Anonymous said...


The Fashion Buzz said...

Absolutely love that look, and must now have the skirt!

hannah-rose said...

i love your collage - pleated midi skirts and fur hooded parkas.. those are things i'm desperate to try on and see if they work! pleats have always been difficult for me.. i don't know why haha!

hope you're well!


Anonymous said...

You're amazing!!! Defo the best Irish fashion blog around...